M30 Micro Crack Injection Grout #32

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Product Details

Micro Injection Grout for Brick and Softstone

Jahn M30 contains no corrosive constituents, and achieves extraordinary flow capacity, penetration and strong adhesion. The M30 injection grout is offered in two formulations for varying substrates. To enhance penetration and bonding, a small amount of synthetic material is included. M30 can be applied via gravity feed or pressure injection into hairline cracks up to 3/16 (5.0 mm) in width. This product may be utilized in both non-structural simple void applications and structural load bearing situations, is available in two levels of compressive strength and can be customized through testing.

Product Highlights

  • Single-Component: Easy to mix correctly, thereby improving quality control at the point of injection.
  • Tenacious Adhesion: Strong bonding capabilities.
  • Factory Controlled: No field chemistry resulting in product variation.
  • Low Viscosity: Deep, thorough penetration.
  • Simple Application: Can be applied by pouring or by pumping.
  • Water Based: Environmentally and user safe. No solvent clean up or disposal problems.
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