Guardian Water Repellent

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Product Details

MasonRE Guardian is a stable, VOC compliant, water based, silane/siloxane blend, water repellent. MasonRE Guardian was developed to treat a wide variety of mineral substrates including architectural concrete, concrete block, split face block, pavers, stucco, porous and dense brick, clay tile, and exposed aggregate concrete.

Features and Benefits

Provides excellent water repellency to reduce cracking, spalling, freeze/thaw damage, chemical degradation, biological growth, efflorescence, and dirt pick up, thereby lengthening substrate life and reducing maintenance costs.

Provides excellent beading for improved aesthetics.

Superior storage stability including freeze/thaw stability for ease of use.

Low VOC emissions on curing; EPA compliant.

Formulated to minimize darkening effects thus not changing substrate appearances.

Good stability on highly alkaline surfaces for long term durability.

Physically and chemically bonds to substrates increasing coating life and making cleaning easier, thereby reducing maintenance cost.

Application Procedures

Test substrate for surface compatibility and results before treating entire area.


Surfaces should be clean from dust, dirt, oils, grease, curing compounds, other coatings, efflorescence, and laitance before applying masonRE Guardian.

New concrete should be allowed to cure for at least 28 days before applying masonRE Guardian. Spraying on glass should be avoided.


Clean all glass before beginning application. Start at the bottom working your way up, flooding the surface sufficiently to allow 6”-8” of rundown. Single application is suitable for most surfaces. Porous surface may require a second coat. Protect glass as well as any areas not intended to be treated. If Guardian comes in contact with glass, immediately wash affected area with soap and water. Shading is necessary on sunny days. Maximum water repellency is achieved after 72 hours, depending on curing conditions.


MasonRE Guardian is not meant to seal cracks and not recommended for below grade applications where hydrostatic pressure can be significant.

Minimum Temperature for application 45ºF.  Max substrate temp is 90oF

Packaging and Coverage

1 gallon, 5 gallon and 55 gallon drums are available. 

Coverage rates are typically between 40-150 sq. ft. /gallon depending on substrate. 

Storage/Shelf Life: Store at 32°F (0°C) to 100°F (38°C). Keep material sealed in airtight factory containers and store in a cool dry place. 

When properly stored, material will keep for a minimum of 1 year from the date of purchase.


Notice: The information contained herein is based on our own research and the research of others, and it is provided solely as a service to help users. It is believed to be accurate to the best of our knowledge. However, no guarantee of its accuracy can be made, and it is not intended to serve as the basis for determining this product"s suitability in any particular situation. For this reason, purchasers are responsible to make their own tests and assume all risks associated with using this product.

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