Scientifically engineered to last a lifetime. Unlike off-the-shelf solutions, our mortars are custom engineered to match your substrate. That means they’re developed and lab-tested to expand, contract, absorb, and discharge moisture in precisely the same way as your building. The seamless compatibility of our products prevents failures, avoids further damage, and eliminates the expense of doing the job all over again.

Project Update:

Protecting our Naval Academy. Annapolis is prone to flooding which makes its buildings more susceptible to extensive salt damage once the winter's snow has thawed for the season. Our bio-cleaner, masonry adhesive, M160 bluestone and S301 paint stripper have all been used on the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis so that future Midshipmen can continue to learn and graduate from this prestigious school.


Jahn Certification Masonry Restoration Workshops. Learn from experts. Get guaranteed results. Learn the methods of masonry repair using Jahn Restoration Mortars. Successful completion of the JAHN Certification Workshop is necessary to purchase JAHN Masonry Restoration Mortars.



Our history of successful masonry restoration. Over 30 years ago, Cathedral Stone Products began restoring masonry the "right way" when company founder, Dennis Rude, discovered JAHN Restoration Mortars in Europe. He’d gone there in search of a solution to the failures he’d seen working as a stonemason in Washington, D.C. First developed in Holland by Mr. Heinz Jahn, our mortars are scientifically engineered to match the physical properties of the substrate in terms of elasticity, and porosity, as well as tensile and compressive strength.


Join us at the APT & National Trust for Canada Conference October 11-14, 2017 Ottawa, Canada Look for our booth at the largest heritage and preservation conference ever held in Canada. The Association for Preservation Technology International (APT), and the National Trust for Canada will join forces to gather policy makers and planners, crafts-people, architects, engineers, and volunteers to discuss cutting-edge approaches to renewing and preserving our heritage places.